Terms of use

Use of Localiza’s website (from here onwards referred to as the Website), which is offered by Localiza, is conditioned on the acceptance and fulfillment of the “Terms and Conditions of Use” described below:

1.1. Use of the Website and all the information, screens, demonstrations and products, including the search mechanisms, as well as all the services offered, is subject to the conditions contained in this instrument;

1.2. These conditions can be changed without specific prior notice. The changes will always be contained in this instrument, which must always be reviewed by the users;

1.3. The respective Terms of Use are intended to govern Internet users’ (from here onwards “User”) use of the Localiza website, at the Internet address http://www.localiza.com/;

1.4. To be able to freely use the content and services offered by the Website, the User must carefully read and expressly agree to the content placed here;

1.5. Certain Services of the Website are subject to specific rules (from here onwards “Specific Terms”) that, depending on the case, might replace, complement and/or amend this instrument;

1.6. The Website reserves the right to amend, supplement and/or broaden these Terms of Use freely and at any time, without prior notice;

1.7. The Website offers its Services to the Users free of charge, except for certain Services offered by it and/or by third parties, which may be charged for under the Specific Terms;

1.8. Initially, for the use of the Services provided through the Website, it is not necessary for the User to sign up and/or register (considered “Open Services”). However, the Website may also come to offer certain Services that require the User to sign up and/or register for use (considered “Closed Services”);

1.9. The User, by this instrument, agrees and undertakes to use the Services correctly, for the permitted purposes only, in accordance with that which is provided for in these Terms of Use, in the Specific Terms of Use for Certain Services, in the other notices and instructions that are prepared, in the law in effect and in accordance with proper morals and ethics, and also agrees and undertakes to not, in any way:

  • access or attempt to access any Service or environment by any means except through the interface made available by the Website, including by automatic means, unless especially authorized under a signed contract;
  • participate in any process or activity that interferes with or interrupts the functioning of the Services, Servers or networks connected to the Services of the Website;
  • reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, commercialize or resell the Services of the Website in any way, unless specially authorized under an agreement signed with the company.

1.10. The User agrees that it is solely liable for any breach of its undertakings and obligations in regard to the Terms and in regard to everything described above, recognizing that the Website has no liability to it or to third parties, with the User being liable for all consequences, such as loss, damage or harm that the Website and/or a third party may suffer as a result of breach;

1.11. The Website expressly agrees that use and/or access to the Website’s Services is on its full account and risk, understanding that the Services are made available as is and in accordance with their availability, with the Website not guaranteeing that the use of the Services will meet the User’s requirements.

1.12. The Website will not bear any liability for any loss, damage or harm of any type resulting from the lack of availability or discontinuity of the operation of the Services or for the use to which the Users may put the Services or the fallibility of the Services.

1.13. This Website does not control the External Pages and therefore cannot guarantee and does not assume any type of liability for any loss, damage or harm of any nature resulting from: (i) the functioning, availability, accessibility or continuity of these pages; (ii) the maintenance of the services, information, data, files, products and any type of material existing on the external pages; (iii) the provision or transmission of the services, information, data, files, products or any type of material existing on the sites to which links are provided; (iv) the quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the Services, information, data, files, products and any type of material existing on the External Pages.

1.14. These Terms of Use are governed solely and exclusively by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and any lawsuit that arises on the basis of their interpretation or application must be decided by Brazilian courts.