At Localiza, we understand how important it is that we use personal data on the Internet securely. That’s why we seek to disclose our privacy policy for using this information.

Guaranteeing the confidentiality of the personal information of our website users is important to Localiza. Use of this Website therefore assumes the acceptance of our privacy agreement.

This policy was prepared in an effort to protect the confidentiality, privacy and personal information of the visitors to our Website and the users of our services, protecting this information from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, alteration and destruction.

All personal information regarding members, customers or visitors will be treated in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law of October 26, 1998 (law 67/98).

The personal information we collect can include your name, email, telephone number, date of birth and other information. In deciding whether to provide this information the user declares he or she is familiar with and accepts the terms of this policy.

The Localiza website makes it possible for Users to participate through comments and sending information. The visitors, users and advertisers are hereby notified that they must not publish information, opinions or content that is immoral, illegal, racist, defamatory, injurious, pornographic, criminal or that violates copyright.

The website also automatically receives and stores, through cookies, information regarding the user’s activities, including IP addresses and websites accessed. These logs will be used solely for statistical purposes and the measurement of the services provided.

The Localiza team reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice. We therefore recommend that you consult our privacy policy on a regular basis to always stay up-to-date. ​