At Localiza, we offer ideal solutions for insurance companies, assistance platforms, automobile manufacturers, authorized mechanics, brokers and fleet management companies that want to provide additional advantages with their products and offer peace of mind to those they insure and assist.

We have the newest, broadest and most diverse fleet of vehicles at our over 540 locations throughout Latin America in order to provide you the best possible service.

By becoming a Localiza customer, you can offer your insureds and those you assist all of the advantages and benefits that come from renting a car with Localiza:

A new and diverse fleet of cars

We have the right model for the needs of your insureds and those you assist. Whether it’s economy, intermediate, executive, utility or bulletproof vehicles, we have the largest and newest fleet of cars in the continent.

The largest car rental network in Latin America

We are present in over 300 cities, which means we can serve your insureds from north to south and east to west in Latin America – even during periods of peak demand and the high season. We have 540 locations, ensuring the best service.

Service throughout Latin America

Because we are the largest car rental network in the continent, there’s always a Localiza location nearby to serve your insureds and those you assist if they need to rent a car or replace a car they’ve rented.

pecial Rates

We offer special prices and terms that are made-to-order for your company, providing the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

If you want more information or are interested in hiring any of the above services, please contact us.