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Localiza Business

Localiza knows that companies need to optimize their businesses and be productive, efficient and financially savvy. For that reason we've developed the best products for your company to be more competitive and grow continuously.

When it comes to car rental, companies that are looking for freedom, flexibility and cost savings will find an ideal partner with Localiza.  Your company will have a car available whenever it needs one, anywhere in Brazil and at any time of day or night.

You can choose to rent per day or per month. Daily rental is perfect for companies that need mobility and convenience for short periods of time, with special conditions that are compatible with your real business needs. 

Monthly rental is the best choice for companies that need vehicles for longer periods of time, in cases such as expansion, temporary relocations or temporary vehicles. We have several options of rates and deductibles that best meet each company's profile.​

Localiza operates 534 agencies at major airports and cities in Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.  A new and modern fleet is always available to address all of your needs, with immediate availability of the vehicle model you require, whether economy, mid-sized, executive, sport utility or bulletproof. All in the quantities and timeframes that are most convenient for your company.

Localiza provides exclusive customer service with professionals who are ready to answer your questions and committed to providing you with the best car rental experience.​



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