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In 1985, Localiza adopted the franchising strategy as a response to the 1983 foreign debt crisis. Faced by a shortage of capital and high costs, the company insourced the car rental activity and strengthened its brand. 

The extremely positive results brought about the expansion of the company's presence in the Brazilian market and a better than expected sales growth. As of then, Localiza has been improving the efficiency of its franchise network, becoming a franchising benchmark. 

In order to circumvent the challenges of the Brazilian market, which had posted a negative GDP, in 1992, the franchises became part of the internationalization strategy of the operations. Localiza confirmed its expertise and expanded its presence in South America. 

Localiza Franchising is an essential part of the integrated business model of the Localiza Platform. We are continuously expanding our operations, increasingly striving to expand our presence in Brazil and abroad. Learn about our benefits and let your investment be another chapter of this success story. ​