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Fleet Management

Total Fleet is a company which integrates Localiza Rent a Car’s business platform and which is specialized in fleet rentals. It operates countrywise and is a pioneer in the coverage of the entire life cycle of a company’s fleet, since mobilization and vehicle distribution, to demobilization and fleet renewal.

Total Fleet offers two main products to its customers:

Total Lease Operational– Fleet rental program in which the cars are bought by Total Fleet, rented to the customers and sold to the market at the end of the agreement. The program additionally provides:

  1. Advice in choosing cars;
  2. Advice in fleet purchase and distribution;
  3. Car licensing;
  4. Maintenance management;
  5. Procedures in case of accident;
  6. Damages coverage;
  7. Temporary substitution of cars;
  8. Car replacement;
  9. Car demobilization;
  10. Fleet renewal;
  11. Cars sales;
  12. 24/7 customer service;
  13. Online management of the rented fleet.

Total Service – Modular fleet management Program that takes care of company-owned cars and includes several services for the optimization of the entire process.

Total Fleet is part of an international network of fleet management companies – the Fleet Synergy International – which operates in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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